Social media

Negotiating the challenges of online life

Many people spend their entire working lives at a computer, and a lot of their leisure time too. I am long-time user of social media, along with millions of others. However,  it seems there is still a sizeable divide between people who use social media and people who don’t.

While both groups may have good reasons for their choices, some people still don’t really understand the impact that Facebook, Twitter, etc, have on the daily lives of those who use them. Unfortunately, there are still some people and organisations for whom virtual life is ‘not real’, among them the police and lawmakers, although the situation is gradually changing.

I have been an enthusiastic online participant for a number of years, and so if something you would like to bring relates to your online life, I will, at the very least, have a handle on where you’re coming from.

I have written about this subject for the Lancet Psychiatry. To read this piece and others, please go here.

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