I’m Tania Glyde, offering therapy in Kentish Town NW5.

Please note: Due to the Coronavirus, I am seeing clients exclusively online.

I am a trauma-informed integrative counsellor/psychotherapist working in the areas of sexology and GSRD (Gender, Sex and Relationship Diversity). I am a published author and have written for the Lancet and Lancet Psychiatry. I specialise in:

Contact details and further information

  • You can contact me here.
  • Please see the FAQ for fees, location and other details.
  • For more about what I do and how I can help, go here
  • If you’ve never had counselling before, I’ve covered the basics here.

I am committed to:

  1. Promoting sexual awareness and helping all people gain increased confidence in their own sexuality and relationships.
  2. Ending prejudice and misunderstanding about diverse sexual, gender and relationship identities.
  3. Enabling people with diverse identities to experience therapy without judgement or marginalisation.
  4. Ensuring social context is taken into account in the therapy room.

News and updates 2022

  • I have a blog where you can find articles I’ve written, news, links and other things that I hope you’ll find useful or interesting.
  • You can read some of my published work here.