About me

Life and career

I’ve been an author, journalist and broadcaster in the UK and abroad. I’ve spent a number of years promoting sexual awareness through the arts and media.

LGBTQIA+ approaches to menopause

Over the last four years I have been doing research and activism about queer/trans approaches to menopause. The research I did as part of my Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy at the University of East London is published in a peer reviewed journal: Sexual and Relationship Therapy, part of Taylor & Francis: How can therapists and other healthcare practitioners best support and validate their queer menopausal clients?

Continuing Professional Development

I have regularly attended Pink Therapy’s ‘Advanced Clinical Discussions: Kink’ since 2013. In 2017-18 I attended a six-month long cycle of group supervision sessions focused on Out Of Control Sexual Behaviour, run by Dominic Davies and Doug Braun-Harvey.

In 2014 I started The London Gender, Sex and Relationship Diversity Practice. Six of us offer counselling, psychotherapy, mentoring and consultancy with a GSRD focus. We also offer training on a wide range of topics to media, charities and training organisations.

To keep my practice up to date, I read books and journals and attend conferences and seminars. Here is a selection of CPD from the last few years:


  • Trauma in the Womb – How prenatal experience impacts adult clients (Confer)
  • Autistic Therapists and Counsellors (Autangel)
  • Adult ADHD in the Therapy Room (Free2bMe Therapy Services)
  • Working with Core Beliefs of ‘Never Good Enough’ (NICABM)
  • Weight Stigma and Fatphobia workshop (The Fat Counsellors)
  • Working with Adult Autistic Clients (Vanguard Neurodiversity Training)


  • Introduction to Intersex (IHR Australia)
  • Body Dysmorphic Disorder (Brighton Therapy Partnership)
  • Eating Issues with Neurodivergent Clients (The Link Centre)
  • Understanding the Effects of Race and Culture in Psychosexual & Relationship Therapy (COSRT)
  • Working With Bariatric Clients (The Link Centre)
  • Autistic Experiences of Menopause (Scottish Women’s Autism Network)
  • Black Women, Trauma and Mental Health (Community Trauma Conference)
  • Queering Mental Health – Beyond Therapy (Pink Therapy conference)
  • Living & Working with Neurodivergence: Mental Health & Wellbeing (Online Events)
  • Double Gifted: Kinky and Neurodiverse (TASHRA)
  • Working While Autistic (Autangel)
  • Introduction to Systemic Practice (Brighton Therapy Partnership)
  • Scottish Autism Annual Conference
  • Trauma, Inflammation and Recovery (Confer)
  • Long Covid and Female Hormones (Dr Louise Newson)
  • Recognise and adjust for ND clients in the therapy room (Neuroclastic)
  • Neurodivergence, Sex and Sensory Processing (The Autistic OT)


  • Monotropism – Does a single theory explain autism? (Autangel)
  • Strange Bedfellows – Connecting somatic practitices and therapy (TASHRA)
  • Autistic Mental Health (Tanya Adkin and David Gray-Hammond)
  • Working with Autism in Therapy (Brighton Therapy Partnership)
  • Transgender and Menopause (International Menopause Society)
  • Valerie Sinason – the truth about trauma and dissociation Part Two (Confer)
  • British Menopause Society 30th Annual Conference
  • The Relational Montage of Eating Disorders – Professor Jean Petrucelli (Confer)
  • The Polyvagal Guide to Relational Safety – Deb Dana (Confer)
  • Aromantic Competent Care
  • Valerie Sinason – The truth about trauma and dissociation Part One (Confer)
  • The Race Conversation (Confer)
  • Freedom to be Queer in UK – at what cost? (Pink Therapy)
  • How do therapists and clients manage their self-care in GSRD hostile environments? (Pink Therapy)
  • Feminist Perspectives on Neurodiversity and Neuronormativity (Feminist Studies Association)


  • Working with Toxic Shame (Confer)
  • Four seminars on Non-Monogamy (Pink Therapy)
  • Black Trauma in the Therapy Room (BME Voices)
  • The Psychobiology of Kink (TASHRA)
  • Post-Slavery Syndrome (Confer)
  • Resting in grief and creatively processing shame (Radical Therapists Network)
  • Kink-claiming the Trauma: From Sexual Assault to Sexual Empowerment (TASHRA)
  • Living and Working in Kink Communities (Pink Therapy)
  • Understanding Adult Baby And Diaper Lovers (Pink Therapy)
  • Working with Domestic Violence and Abuse (CICS)
  • Working with Dissociative Disorders in Clinical Practice (Carolyn Spring)
  • Dissociation and DID – The Fundamentals (Carolyn Spring)
  • Queer Desire Conference (Pink Therapy)

Training given/Events/Facilitation

Previous employment

  • Honorary Psychotherapist, Bexley Psychotherapy Service, Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust (2012-14). Two years clinical placement at a highly respected NHS Trust.
  • Counsellor, The Centre for Better Health, Hackney (2012-13). A year providing counselling for established community organisation that is also a social enterprise and community hub.



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Professional Standards Authority accredited register.


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