Addiction and recovery

Do you need help giving up something?

The ‘something’ could be alcohol or drugs. I’ve been sober for nearly 17 years and I know what it’s like taking the first steps to this fundamental life change.

I can help you look at the reasons why you’re been drinking, taking drugs, or anything else, and why you want to stop. I can also help you look at ways to keep yourself safe and boundaried during this intense time of transition, as family and friends may struggle with the ‘new you.’

If it’s not you but someone close to you who is struggling with addiction, I can provide a safe space to talk about it.

The ‘something’ could also be a behaviour or activity, a person, or even a feeling that you can’t let go of. I can help you transition from giving up to finally letting go.

Staying on the wagon

If you’ve successfully managed to stop, whether you’ve done the 12 steps or not, what now? I can help you tease out the things that are still bothering you, and the triggers that may put you in danger of relapse.

What about Sex Addiction?

You are welcome to bring whatever you wish if it’s making your life difficult. However, without wishing to be too prescriptive, I find the label ‘sex addict’ to be quite unhelpful, preferring ‘Out of Control Sexual Behaviour.’

Am I a Sex Addict?

My review of the documentary Chemsex

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